Scentsy is the authentic wickless candle company, founded on the simple idea of offering a safer alternative to traditional candles. Highly scented wickless candles, heated in decorative warmers where the wax is melted by the heat of a low-watt bulb, infuse a space with beautiful fragrance – without a flame. The concept is simple. The warmers are beautiful. The fragrances are unique.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Scentsy Buddy - Sweetie Pie


Scentsy Buddies are produced in limited quantities and available only while supplies last — that means a new buddy to love when one sells out! Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favorite Scent Pak.

¡Buscando construir mi equipo en México!

Ahora puedo reclutar un equipo en México. Si usted vive en México y busca un nuevo viaje, hablemos de Scentsy!

Para celebrar el inicio de un nuevo año, ofrecemos un Kit de Comienzo de $1,159* para los Consultores nuevos que se unan en enero de 2017. Este kit de productos esenciales incluye lo imprescindible para el lanzamiento exitoso de un nuevo negocio Scentsy:

1 Calentador Scentsy
1 Barra Scentsy
1 paquete de formularios de pedido
1 paquete de etiquetas para imprimir usted mismo
1 set de Mini Muestras Otoño/Invierno
1 Guía del Consultor
1 Guía de comienzo rápido
1 paquete de Catálogos Otoño/Invierno

¿Qué es todo esto?

Monday, January 2, 2017

Bring Back My Bar - January 2017

Stock up today!  After January, these fragrances will go back into the Scentsy Vault!

Scentsy ~ January 2017 Join Special

Join my team for only $49! What do you get with your $49 kit?? My video explains it all.

Ready to join? Start your journey here:

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Scentsy ~ January 2017 Join Special

Come back to Scentsy!

Rejoin campaign kicks off in January
Sometimes, Scentsy Consultants choose to part ways with Scentsy, or life happens and they aren’t able to stay active. Well, we want them back! And we know you do, too. 

We want to encourage former Consultants who left Scentsy on or before Dec. 31, 2015, to rejoin! In January and February, they will be eligible to purchase a new Starter Kit when they reinstate their account, while supplies last!*

What’s new?
All former Consultants are always encouraged to apply for an account reinstatement (at least three months after their account was cancelled for inactivity or at least six months after their account was cancelled for any other reason), but we typically don’t allow reinstated Consultants to purchase a new Starter Kit.
During our Rejoin campaign, we’re lifting that restriction for Consultants who were cancelled on or before Dec. 31, 2015! In January, reinstated Consultants can choose between the $49 essentials-only Starter Kit or the standard $99 kit. In February, they’ll receive the transition Starter Kit that includes Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer business tools.

Why now?
It’s the perfect time to come back to Scentsy. In January, we’re offering an essentials-only Starter Kit for just $49.† February is a transition month (hello, two-season Starter Kit!), and then in March, we launch a new catalog. It’s a great opportunity for former Consultants to recommit and gain a lot of great momentum with all the new products and tools they need to launch their business — again!

We’d love your help! 
Reach out to former Consultants on your team and invite them to reinstate their Scentsy account by emailing If they’ve been gone 12 months or more, they’ll be eligible to purchase a Starter Kit, while supplies last.*

We also plan to email as many former Consultants as we can during the campaign to encourage them to come back. We’ll include all the details they need to be reinstated through Account Services.

For more information on how reinstatements will work during our Rejoin campaign, check out this FAQ.

*Reinstated Consultants are only eligible to purchase a new Starter Kit in January or February 2017, or while supplies last.
†The $49 Starter Kit is only available from Jan. 1-31, 2017. Price does not include tax or shipping. Contents may vary.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Join for $49 in January!!

To celebrate the start of a new year, we’re offering a $49 Starter Kit for new Consultants who join in January 2017!
January is typically a slow month for sponsoring, but we want to change that. The opportunity for a new Consultant to succeed is actually huge at the start of a new year! Think about it: Everyone is looking to set new goals and try new things in January. February is a transition month. Then in March we launch a new catalog! The spring is an excellent time to grow a new business.
$49 Starter Kit
This essentials-only kit includes all the must-haves for launching a successful Scentsy business:
1 Scentsy Warmer
1 Scentsy Bar
1 pack of Order Forms
1 pack of Print-Your-Own Labels
1 Fall/Winter Mini Tester Set
1 Consultant Guide
1 Quick-Start Guide
1 pack of Fall/Winter Catalogs
1 pack of Product Lists
1 pack of Showcase Brochures
5 samples of Laundry Liquid
4 samples of Clothing Conditioner
The $49 Starter Kit is only available from Jan. 1-31, 2017, or while supplies last. Contents may vary. Price doesn’t include local tax or shipping. New Consultants can still choose to receive the full Starter Kit for $99 in January.
Here’s to helping more people than ever reach their goals with Scentsy!
If you have ever thought about joining my team, let's talk. Now is the time. I would love to answer any questions you might have to start your own business. If you are local, let's meet. If you do not live local or maybe you live in another state or even a different country, we can chat online. I will guide you through the beginning stages of this reward opportunity!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

It's BOGO Time Again!

‘Tis the season to save on assorted Scentsy products, just in time for the holidays! Here are the promotions available now through Dec. 31, 2016, or while supplies last:

   Scents of the Season. Click here for all the details on these December-only fragrances!

   Boris the Yeti Scentsy Buddy — he’s 10% off in December only! Click here for more details.  
   BOGO NCAA Warmers (not available for Host Rewards)
   BOGO Chasing Fireflies and Whoot Porcelain Ornaments (not available for Half-Price Host Rewards)
   BOGO Scentsy Car Bars* (not available for Half-Price Host Rewards)

Enjoy the savings and happy holidays!

*BOGO promotion available on select Scentsy Car Bars only.

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